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Betsy Came Home

Whenever we meet people who know anything about my story, one of the first things they ask is 'What happened to your dog?'.

Betsy our beloved Jack Russell terrier was rescued from the Brown Street Kennels in Dundee just one year before my attack. After settling well into the family, none of us knew she was going to become a major character in this tragic story.

That is why Betsy has become our campaign mascot.

Betsy is a survivor too!

Dog owners have to take their dogs on daily walks. I have always loved taking care of Betsy. I appreciate the attraction for cute puppies, but to me there is nothing more pure than the love and loyalty of a rescue dog that finds a caring home.

When I was under attack I'm convinced it was Betsy's barking that alerted fellow dog walkers to come to my rescue. She was doing everything she could to protect me in that moment then got scared and ran off. Betsy then went missing overnight and it seemed like the whole of Dundee was out looking for her. At first I thought people didn't want to tell me that something terrible had happened to her. It was such a ray of hope when I discovered that a family friend found her the next day.

Thank you to everyone that responded to our call. It showed us how much people really care about this story and want to help.

Betsy was struck by a car and together we overcame our injuries. She is one of the reasons I am taking this campaign forward. It is important that dog lovers everywhere can visit our parks and woodland areas with their dogs free from fear of attack. Let's unite to make this a reality.

Jack Russel
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